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Tar Heel State Firearms charges the following fees for transfers:

Incoming transfer for rifle or handgun: $30 

Outgoing transfer for rifle or handgun: $30 plus actual shipping and packaging cost.

Incoming NFA transfer: $85 for Silencer; $200 for SBR, AOW or Destructive Device; & $400 for Machine Gun

There is never a transfer or "paperwork" fee when you purchase a firearm or silencer from us. Contact us at or give us a call if you have any questions or have an inbound shipment coming to us. 

In the United States modern firearms must be shipped to a holder of a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL). Finding a holder of a valid FFL can sometimes be challenging depending on where you live, what firearm you're trying to transfer, and what you may or may not know about firearms rules, laws, and regulations - particularly because they can vary from county-to-county, not just state-to-state. 

It is highly recommended that you contact the FFL dealer you wish to have a firearm shipped to - before you have a weapon shipped - in order to verify the complete cost of the transfer, to verify the legality of the item in your area, and to make sure you qualify to pass any required background checks. Your selected FFL dealer should be able to provide you all the information you need to facilitate a transfer. If not, find another FFL dealer. Under federal law, new firearms may only be sold by businesses which possess a Federal Firearms License (FFL). FFL dealers are licensed by the federal government and are subject to federal, state and local regulations and may only offer firearms that are legal within the state, county, and city where they operate. Additionally, they must observe all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and rules which may apply to the purchase. If your state requires a waiting period, it is the FFL dealer's responsibility to inform you of its duration and to enforce it. You will be expected to complete all paperwork and pay in full before the waiting period begins. You will be asked to show legal proof of your identity every time you purchase a firearm. In some states FFL dealers are required to ask the buyer to show additional proof that the buyer is authorized to purchase a firearm. Your FFL Dealer will be able to tell you what identification is required beyond a state issued driver's license or ID card. 

The federal paperwork requirements are stringent and strictly regulated. Many FFL dealers will say they're in the paperwork business and not the firearms business. You and the FFL dealer will fill out a Form 4473 (either on paper or electronically). Because the dealer is responsible for keeping this form on file - for decades - he may charge you a fee for filling out paperwork for firearms you have transferred to him on your behalf. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is a federal clearinghouse that the FFL dealer may call during the Form 4473 process. The FFL dealer will receive one of three possible answers from NICS: an approval, a delay, or a deny. Delays do not always result in a denial and the FFL dealer will let you know when/if you can return to finish the purchase. A denial means you are unable to purchase the firearm. If your sale is denied, you will want to find out the reason for it and, if justified, fight to appeal the denial.

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