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B&T APC223   *Free Shipping*
B&T APC223 Semi-automatic Pistol cal. .233 REM 5.56 NATO  Model: BT-APC223  -----GEN ..
B&T APC45   *Free Shipping*
B&T APC45 Semi-automatic Pistol cal. .45 ACP Model: BT-APC45 Mfr: B&T Brugger & Thomet..
B&T APC9    *Free Shipping*
B&T APC9 Semi-automatic Pistol cal. 9 x 19 mm Model: BT-APC9 Mfr: B&T Brugger & Thomet..
B&T APC9 SD Pistol  *Free Shipping*
B&T ACP9 SD Pistol The APC9SD is first choice, not only for normal police duty, but also for ..
B&T GMH9   Gen 2  *Free Shipping*
B&T semi-automatic carbine GHM9 cal. 9 x 19 mm.  Article-no. BT-450002 The GHM9 is a spo..
B&T KH9 SBR   *Free Shipping*
B&T KH9 Registered SBR Model: BT-KH9 This item is the only one we have. It is a new in box K..
B&T SPR300     *Free Shipping*
B&T rifle SPR300 Bolt Action Rifle, cal. .300 Whisper® / .300 Blackout The SPR300 is the perf..
B&T TP9   *Free Shipping*
B&T TP9 Semi-automatic Pistol cal. 9 x 19 mm Model: BT-TP9 Mfr: B&T Brugger & Thomet ..
B&T TP9-N Tactical Pistol  *Free Shipping*
B&T Tactical Pistol TP9-N cal. 9 x 19 mm If less is more, the TP9-N, the semiautomatic versio..
B&T USW A1     *Free Shipping*
B&T Universal Service Weapon - USW-A1, Kal. 9 x 19 mm FREE SHIPPING In order to react to t..
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