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How to Buy a Silencer or Short Barreled Rifle


As of July 13th, 2016, BATFE Rule 41F went into effect. While this ruling did change the process of purchasing NFA-regulated items, SilencerCo / THSF are dedicated to helping you easily understand and navigate the new requirements. From clarification about ownership eligibility to helpful hints on how to properly complete each form, SuppressEd™ is our education platform that places all the information you need in one convenient place.


Buying as an individual click here:  INDIVIDUAL

Buying with a trust or corporation, click here:  TRUST/CORPORATION


Tar Heel State Firearms will help you with and complete all the paperwork needed

for either type of application. We can also offer assistance with your form 1 if you want to build your own SBR or Supressor. We will soon offer fingerprinting services. We will have the ability to store your fingerprints, photo and signature to make future purchases as easy as possible. Contact us with any questions.

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