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Bravo Zulu (kudos) to Tar Heel State Firearms for the fantastic price break and incredible customer service in getting my paperwork submitted!

First, let me tell you about my first experience in trying to buy suppressors so you will understand why I'm so excited about Tar Heel State Firearms:

I placed an order four months ago with a different outfit for suppressors, and chose that company because their claim is that they handle everything for the customer and make it smooth and easy. Well, I don't hear from them unless I contact them, first. On top of that, I had to wonder about their QA when they asked me for another copy of my trust -- six weeks after it was supposedly sent in to the ATF.
Now, with Tar Heel State Firearms, the online ordering was smooth and no-nonsense, but they really shined where Scott got involved. He sent me several emails letting me know what steps needed to be completed and what he needed from me. Within 30 minutes of sending in the scanned copy of my notarized trust, I received the emails showing the e-file confirmation! These guys ROCK.

Based on the service from Tar Heel State Firearms, I very well may receive my order from them BEFORE the order from the other company comes through, even though that order was placed four months earlier. Wow, I wish I had placed my first order with Tar Heel State Firearms! - dkMatthews



I am happy to report my positive experience with them as well which I already spoke about in a different thread. A friend of mine also bought a Sparrow from Tarheel State a few days after I bought my Apex-S. He's not a forum member so he doesn't post here, but I can confirm that Scott was really helpful and incredibly responsive. This was my friend's first NFA item so he didn't have any personal experience with the process. I got him squared away on his trust and what to expect but Scott helped him make the purchase and get all the ducks in a row from a paperwork and eFile perspective.

All I know is that Scott is serious about selling suppressors. That AAC TiRant deal in the other thread is making me twitch. Think I might need to give my credit card to the wife and tell her to hide it somewhere! -Studentofthegun



I too have to echo what has been said here. Scott is a class act and a true businessman.

I was a complete noob to the NFA/trust process and Scott patiently walked me through despite plenty of dumb questions and mistakes on my part.

I liked the fact that Scott always replied to my emails within minutes and if I wanted to I could always just call him knowing that he would pick right up.If you are considering a NFA purchase I highly recommend working with Scott. -freenc



Count me as another extremely satisfied customer. Just recently ordered my first suppressor from Tar Heel State Firearms. Scott made what I was originally thinking was going to be a complicated process very simple and straight forward. He answers emails very quick and is always available to call if I had questions. I had my confirmation email that I was E-Filed that same day I put the order in and I have been kept in the loop and informed every step of the way. Bottom line is Scott is friendly, knowledgable, and helpful. I would order from him again without question. -PiraSea


Scott, You have certainly met all my expectations, especially making me aware of the transactions progress.  I really appreciate your moving expeditiously with these items and then emailing the application confirmations. I will certainly recommend you to anyone wanting a suppressor.  There are a couple of guys at work who have already jumped but several others who are on the fence.  I will recommend you based on my actual experience.- LM


 The discount was more than I could resist so I bought one. But the price wasn't even the best part. I have bought a few NFA items and have gotten great service. But Scott at Tarheel State was just plain awesome. I called this afternoon fully intending to leave a message. But the guy picks up, answers my questions and then even follows up with a text. When I did place my order and emailed him the other required docs, it took him maybe 30 minutes to send me a confirmation email letting me know it was eFiled. I dont expect that kind of response time and I wouldnt reasonably expect that from him every time either. But that was pretty dang impressive for a late Saturday afternoon. While some gun shops have been tough to deal with, NFA dealers have great to deal with. I don't know if it is just a function of dealing with other like minded individuals or if they are just classy folks as a rule. But I am digging it. + 1 for Tarheel State Firearms. Maybe this aint the place to put reviews but theres my two cents. -BP


Let me start by saying how great it is to finally have a class III dealer that knows what customer service is about. I had previously tried dealing with two other local dealers and after leaving numerous voicemails and emails with responses three and four days later, it kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth about actually putting up $1,000 to $2,000 for 6-12 months and not being able to communicate with the  dealer about what is going on.  After seeing Scotts business card at my local range, I decided to give the process another try. I called and within two rings Scott had answered the phone. To say the least I was shocked. After a 30-40 min conversation I ended up purchasing three silencers (suppressors) from him. Feeling very confident with him, I was only more shocked that after getting him my trust I had a conformation that the ATF application had been submitted not and hour and a half later.   Scott and Tar Heel State Firearms are definitely good to go. They will treat you right and answer any questions or concerns you may have.- JK


I met Scott this weekend at the Dixie gun show here in Charlotte. Talked to the guy for an hour, he never made me feel like he was rushed, answered all of my questions. Set me in the right direction to get set up with my guntrust.  I had it notorized today and within one hour of emailing my trust I had email confirmation of e-file.  Now I am new to this.  I really wasn't even looking to buy a silencer.  After talking to a couple of my buddies that have made nfa purchases they can't believe it. You can't go wrong with tarheel firearms.  Class act! -B.Malin


I can not say enough about Scott at Tar Heel State A+++ service, prompt, professional and can't beat his prices. He found a life long customer!- F. Randle


Outstanding in every way. Responded to my email on a saturday at 8pm, I brought my trust to Scott on Monday and before I left I had my confirmation it was e-filed.  Not to mention he has an actual inventory.  I was able to seee exactly what I wanted to purchase and was glad because I ended up changing my mind from what I had intended to buy.  Bottom line if you are looking for a dealer get your cans from Tar Heel. -M.Copp


Top notch Service! Fast responses and they keep you in the loop with what is going on!! Such a difference from other dealers I have dealt with..

A. Patterson


Thanks again Scott, I would be happy to recommend you to anyone that I know.  Superb service, doesn't get any better E. Presser


Scott, You have certainly met all my expectations, especially making me aware of the transactions progress.  I really appreciate your moving expeditiously with these items and then emailing the application confirmations.  I will certainly recommend you to anyone wanting a suppressor.  There are a couple of guys at work who have already jumped but several others who are on the fence.  I will recommend you based on my actual experience.

Thanks again and I will be talking with you in the future.


Scott, I've got to say that I'm THRILLED with the customer service, so far. You have made this a great experience because I can SEE that you're actively working on making this happen. The service level has been far better than what I have received from another outfit doing online sales in NC.  Thanks much!


HUGE thank you to Scott & Tar Heel State Firearms LLC. for the good deal and LIGHTNING FAST service on filing my paperwork for Innovative Arms, LLC cans! It looks like these will be in my hands BEFORE the ones I ordered through someone else 4 months ago! Wow!


Your customer service has been impeccable. Will definitely recommend you.


Thanks for staying on top of everything and keeping me up to date. I've already recommended you to my dad and a handful of friends. If people knew there was someone like you to help walk them through the process, a lot more people would own suppressors.- T.Humprey


Definitely recommend TARHEELSTATE!!! Probably the fastest, most streamlined transaction I've ever experienced. Has some of the best communication I've experienced from any retailer before!- J.O.


Just want to give a HUGE shoutout to TARHEELSTATE! I don't think there was an easier, more seamless transaction for a suppressor that I have been apart of!

Even had an issue with one product that was delayed weeks longer than Scott thought when he originally contacted me and went way further ABOVE AND BEYOND what I could have ever asked for. Needless to say, I will be going back to him any time I need some NFA items taken care of.

I have a SWR Specwar 7.62 on the way and a 5.56 SilencerCo Saker. He even filed my form 4 electronically, so hopefully I'll have them back in just a few months. If you couldn't tell, I HIGHLY recommend that anyone looking for a suppressor reach out to him!






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