B&T Spare Parts Kits *Free Shipping*

B&T Spare Parts Kits *Free Shipping*
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B&T Spare Parts Kits 

Part Number Description
BT-KIT001 Stock adaptor kit for APC9/45 
BT-KIT002 Side rail kit for APC9/45 
BT-KIT003 Front sight kit for APC9/45 
BT-KIT004 Rear sight kit for APC9/45 
BT-KIT005 Fire controll group (FCG) for APC9 
BT-KIT006 Magazine release kit for APC9/45 
BT-KIT007 Bolt catch kit for APC9 
BT-KIT008 Selector kit for APC9/45 
BT-KIT009 Bolt release kit for APC9/45 
BT-KIT010 Firing pin kit for APC9/45 
BT-KIT011 Extractor kit for APC9 
BT-KIT012 Ejector kit for APC9 
BT-KIT013 Feed ramp kit for APC9 
BT-KIT014 Barrel kit for APC9 
BT-KIT022 Mainspring kit for GHM9 
BT-KIT023 Ejector kit for GHM9 
BT-KIT024 Feed ramp kit for GHM9 
BT-KIT025 Firing pin kit for GHM9 
BT-KIT026 Hydraulic buffer kit for GHM9 
BT-KIT027 Fire control group (FCG) for GHM9 
BT-KIT028 Magazine release kit for GHM9 

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