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Surefire Genesis 762
Genesis suppressors are designed to provide the maximum sound suppression with subsonic and superson..
Surefire Ryder 22-A
Surefire Ryder 22-A The SureFire Ryder 22-A is an ultra-lightweight suppressor optimized for .22 ..
Surefire Ryder 22-S
DETAILS Surefire's stainless steel Ryder is rated for multiple rimfire calibers up to .22 Magnum. T..
Surefire Ryder 9 Ti
Surefire Ryder 9 The sleek, high-performance SF Ryder 9 Ti suppressor for 9mm pistols and rifles—..
Surefire SOCOM 300 SPS
DETAILS The SOCOM300 SPS Fast-Attach® suppressor boasts the ultimate sound suppression of any .30 c..
Surefire Socom 338-Ti
SUREFIRE SOCOM 338-TI The all-titanium SureFire SOCOM338-Ti Fast-Attach® suppressor is optimized ..
Surefire Socom 556 Mini 2
The SOCOM556-MINI2 Fast-Attach® suppressor is shorter, lighter version of SureFire’s SOCOM556-RC, th..
Surefire Socom 556 Monster
Surefire Socom 556-Monster The SOCOM556-MONSTER Fast-Attach® sound suppressor has serrated teeth ..
Surefire SOCOM 556-RC2
SOCOM 556-RC2 The new and improved SureFire SOCOM556-RC2 Fast-Attach® suppressor is the most adva..
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Surefire SOCOM 556-SB2
SOCOM 556-SB2 The new compact and lightweight SureFire SOCOM556-SB2 Fast-Attach® suppressor is de..
Surefire Socom 762 Mini
SUREFIRE SOCOM 762 MINI The SureFire SOCOM762-MINI Fast-Attach® suppressor is optimized for use w..
Surefire Socom 762-Mini 2
The SureFire SOCOM762-MINI2 Fast-Attach® suppressor is optimized for use with 7.62x39 and 7.62x35 ca..
Surefire SOCOM 762-RC2
Surefire SOCOM 762-RC2 SureFire’s new SOCOM762-RC2 Fast-Attach® suppressor represents a revolutio..
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